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I passed my G2 in first attempt. Thanks to Task Driving School. I recommend this school to everyone.

John Mathew



Mr. Asad was my instructor $ i took a 10 hour in car lesson with him. I passed my first G2 trial really well & now after just 2 months, i have my own vehicle! He is a professional instructor who is patient. very well recommended.

Kai Ricafrente

Asad is a very professional and thorough instructor and I reccomend TASK driving school for beginner drivers!

Masfia Kader

I passed my G2 . Instructor is very patient and good. I totally recommend specially to those first time driver . I had a good experience.


Mrs. Rubeena and Mr. Asad are great instructors for in class and in car driving lessons. They trained me very well to be a careful and responsible driver on roads, and to get my G2 straight away. Thanks to both of them!

Komal Habib

They were really great and I had a great experience driving with them. I got my G2 in my first attempt with Mrs. Rubeena. Thanks to Task Driving School.

Pranay Sachdeva

Instructors Mr Asad and Mrs Rubeena are great teachers , who are dedicated and highly skilled. They will help gain all the skills required to pass the test and go to next level in making student feel comfortable and confident in his/her driving.
I highly recommend Task driving school to everyone


Task driving school is the best driving coaching in the area, they work very hard to train everyone, i highly recommend this driving school


Thank you Mr. Asad and Mrs. Rubeena for the wonderful coaching and pointing out mistakes which made me perfect in my driving. I cleared direct G test in Simcoe on my first attempt. Once again Thank you.

Vidhi Kanakia

Just wanted to say that my experience with Task Driving school has been wonderful.
Asad is the best instructor and he helped me get ready in time for my G2 test, which I just passed. He will introduce new driving techniques when you are ready and knows exactly which areas need more focus.
So thank you! I look forward to continuing training for my G with the same school.

Shanti Michelle Couvrette

I highly recommend TASK driving school. Mr. Asad is a very friendly and well experienced instructor. He helped me to pass my G2 exam in one try. I was very nervous at first. But he helped me to improve my driving skills as well as to build my confidence. Thank you Mr. Asad.


I passed G road test in the first attempt. I was highly confident in the abilities of Mr. Asad and Task Driving School that they would equip me with the right road/driving skills and confidence to be able to ace the test. I would always strongly recommend Task Driving School to everyone because this institute will bring out the best in you. I passed both G2 and G road tests in the very attempt. I am highly grateful to Mr. Asad for his dedication and sincerity as an instructor.

Anam Ahmed

Mr. Asad was my instructor. He is very patient, skillful and a good teacher. In every class he used to write down my mistakes. This is really handy as it’s hard to recall all mistakes after class but when available in written I can review them later.
He gave tips for everything eg parallel parking, reverse parking which was really helpful to perfect my skills.
Thank you Mr. Asad!


I took my classes from Rubeena Ma’am and Asad Sir and was able to pass my test. I would definitely recommend them if you’re nervous and need to be trained not just on your driving skills but how to be emotionally prepared for it as well. Because of the advice given by them I was able to relax and pass my driving test.

Ankita Thakur

I had a great experience learning from the best, Mr Asad.

I had experience before but after having sessions with him, he was spot on to every mistake that even a international driver will make in Canada.

Come drive test day, I was confident that I learned a lot to be able to passit in one go.

Thanks again for bearing with me and teaching me.

Don Barboza

I will recommend Task driving school to anyone who wants to receive a G license in KW . I just got my G2 license in the first attempt. Asad is very excellent driving instructor and teaches the driving rules in very detail. Thank you task driving school for all your guidance.

Nisarg Shah

Will be returning for G lessons. I passed my G2 in first attempt.

Sheiss Husnain

Task Driving School teach driving in excellent way. I was very nervous of driving and was thinking how my instructor will let me to drive on roads with other traffic. Mrs. Rubeena gave me confidence and guided me well. Now I am licenced driver.


Today i got my G2 license in Woodstock by the help of Mr. Asad and Mrs. Rubeena, both of them are very polite and great instructors. My wife is even more happy then me for the test. It was a great experience driving with them


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